Freshwater Gallery

With Dan Jones & Team Hook-Up!

Freshwater fishing on Cape Cod is one of the best kept secrets around. Our “kettle hole” ponds hold everything from fat yellow & white perch, monster small and largemouth bass to 20+ lb. brood stock salmon. Much of our freshwater fishing is done in the Fall, Winter & Spring as we turn our attention to the salt in the summer. Stop in here and join Dan Jones and Team Hook-Up! for Cape Cod freshwater fishing updates.

November 24, 2014

It is time to switch over to freshwater. Dan & I have been doing well at Crystal Lake, Sheep has been good too. Stop in The Goose and visit Dan, he will bring it to the Goose!

April 1, 2014

Dan was ready to get out and do some fishing after a weekend at the Providence Show but Monday brought cold, wind, rain & snow. He stopped by Sheep Pond and found the wind right in his face. He was about to give-up when he noticed a few trout rising. Six casts and six fish had him on the phone to me and I raced over there. We were fishing a Bakers jerk bait and the rainbows were slamming them. We ended up with a total over forty rainbows. Dan kept a few nice ones to smoke for the Hook-Up! Open House on April 19th, which is also the start of the Kids Freshwater Tournament. Hope it warms up a bit! Capt Rich

March 2, 2014

Wow! Still ice fishing in March on Cape Cod. This was the first time we have been able to ice fish Flax Pond in Nickerson State Park. This 4lb smallie took the pool. We will fish tommorrow! Capt Rich

February 18, 2014

What a year it has been for ice fishing here on the Cape. Monday, Dan & I made what might be our last venture on the ice this year. Next weekend is the Big Game Bash and we will be in Quincy putting on the show. Dan would be smiling in this picture with a nice pickerel but I caught that one too! How the fish can hit one guys tip-ups and not the others when they are all in the same area is amazing but it was my day. I have been on the recieving end of such torture many times. Capt Rich

January 2014

We only had safe ice for a few trips before it melted away. Fishing was good with some really nice bass and pickerel coming from some small kettle hole ponds. So, we decided to take a road trip to Lake Chargoggaggoggmancogmanhoggagogg! This Native American name is a bit hard to handle so it is locally called Webster Lake, Webster MA. We fished Saturday & Sunday. Saturday started out nice but quickly went downhill as the winds whipped up to 40+ mph. Sunday was almost as windy but colder (14 degrees). Fishing was good Saturday with a good number of LMB and Pickerel caught. Sunday was slower but some nice bass were jigged up which is always fun. As we return to Cape Cod we are finding some safe ice on the smaller ponds (BE CAREFUL), we will be out there Wednesday the 29th.


Wow! The summer is nearing it's end and we start to think about freshwater as the saltwater season fades. Sept 21 marked the 30th annual "Strictly Smallmouth" tournament held at Long Pond in Harwich. Fishing was slow this year but the lake still gave up some monster bass. Gary Lee presided over the event as he has done for so many years. Dan brought the Hook-Up's digital scale for accurate measurements. A newbie "Mike" took the prize with this bruiser smallmouth (I think it was 4.8 lbs). A good time was had by all. It is time to think freshwater, the ponds have been stocked.

APRIL 18th

The Children's Freshwater Tournament finished up this week with some amazing catches. Here are just a few!

APRIL 14th

We kicked off the children's freshwater tournament this weekend and this left Team Hook-Up with a dilema! Where would we go fishing Sunday? We thought about getting out of their way and go "out of town" but decided to stay local and join in the fun. We decided on Bakers Pond and arrived in the dark. To our surprise no one else showed up until much later in the morning, with the exception one kid who was a bit older than we expected. We had a pretty good day with fish hitting powerbait, shiners and lures, but our attention was drawn away when this "kid" (who was fly fishing) hooked up on something big. He fought the fish for quite some time, enough for me to put down my rod and grab my camera. When he finally landed the fish it was a beautiful Tiger Trout, the biggest I, or any of us has seen. It was great to see the smile on this "kids" face as he landed the fish...This is what it is all about, it never ends. Capt Rich

APRIL 10th

Team hook up, including Capt. Eric fished this past Sunday over at Sheep Pond, in Brewster. It was a cold start with the temperature about 25 degrees. It was flat calm, and the wind did not pick up until 10 am. Wow, what a beautiful sunrise we had. The trout were slow to start, but each of us caught something. Winslow caught 3 browns, all on shiners, everything else was rainbows. Capt. Rich provided some awesome chili to warm us up. Freshwater angling is getting better each day. Do not forget our open house Sat. April 13 at the store, always a great time and also the beginning of our kids fishing derby! Come on down! See you on the water Lt. Dan

March 17th

Well, Team Hook-up gathered at Cliff pond Sunday, March 17th. We shuttled everyone over to Salmon cove in Riche’s small boat. It was cold, around 26, but as the sun came up it was rather nice. The fishing was terrible! Rich was the only one who caught a trout, a nice brownie. Although the fishing sucked, we had an awesome lunch of hot dogs and grilled London broil and beans. We talked of old stories, watched Winslow dump his entire tackle box on the beach, and laughed until our stomachs hurt. It really turned out to be a fun day. Hopefully the state will continue to stock more trout this week. I will keep you posted. Lt Dan

March 3rd

Ventured out Sunday with Capt. Rich to fish Cliff pond in Brewster. It was cold and raw but the wind was not a factor. Wow, the water is low! It was very slow and we only had two bites. Rich caught a very acrobatic salmon and I landed a nice rainbow . Although it was slow it did feel spring like and in a few weeks the stocking trucks will roll. I will keep you up to date. See ya on the water “LT. Dan”