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Bluefin Tuna "Signature Series" Rod & Reel Combos


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Captain Eric Stewart Bluefin Tuna Signature Series Rod & Reel Combinations. These are the Ultimate Bluefin Tuna Rod & Reel Combinations. They were designed by Captain Eric Stewart for use on the "Tammy Rose". It includes your choice of three different reels. A Penn 70 VS reel, mounted on a Hook-Up! Custom HUTSF60 rod. The greater line capacity of the PENN 70 VS and the superior action of the Custom Hook-Up! rod make this choice a natural for PENN lovers. OR chose the OKUMA 80W, a reel that been in use on the Tammy Rose for the last two seasons and proven itself. And for SHIMANO fanatics we offer this combination with a Tiagra 80W. Whichever you chose you win! This is a 6' rod built around a "SEEKER" blank, it sports AFTCO "Wind On" guides and can be fitted with a straight or curved Stand-Up Butt. The Penn Reel is loaded with 400 yds of 80 lb dacron backing with a 300 yd "Top Shot" of 80 lb test Hi-Seas Quattro monofilament. The OKUMA & SHIMANO reels are loaded with 400 yds of 130 lb dacron backing and a 250 yd top-shot of 130 lb Quattro monofiliment. These are all weapons of tuna destruction. The rod is a Black Beauty! UPDATE - The Penn version of the rod & reel combo was in an epic battle during the Nantucket Bluefin Blast Tounament when it fought and conquered a 775 lb Bluefin Tuna after a five hour battle!